ENAH School

HEALING ARCHITECTURE is an ENAH School three-week intensive Summer course held at TU Berlin

20 July – 09 August 2017

6 ECTS credit points

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The HEALING ARCHITECTURE Summer course explores opportunities to improve health outcomes and the state of well-being of all user groups through urban and architectural design.

An introduction on the need of experiencing the continuum of care in and out of hospital doors, will set the tone to continue deepening knowledge in the impacts and influences of the built environment on health.

Theoretical and practical exercises on three key topics will open the scope of opportunities for professionals interested in developing health & design projects: Healing Environments, an in-depth analytic session to the most important hospital areas in Europe; Medical Neighborhoods, a game changer aiming sustainable care systems and, Urban Walkability, an urban development engine for building positive health and health promotion in cities.

Vivid examples of best practice for healthcare architecture, patient-centered homes, and health-promoting neighborhoods will be shown and discussed in key *field trips to Copenhagen, Hamburg and around the vibrant city of Berlin.

Host Lecturers

Christine Nickl-Weller (TU-Berlin, Chair Architecture for Health)

Alvaro Valera Sosa (TU Berlin, Architecture for Health)

Guest Lecturers

Cor Wagenaar (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Göran Lindahl (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

Lars Steffensen (Henning Larsen Architects, Denmark)

Nicoletta Setola (University of Florence, Italy)

Stefanie Matthys (Nickl & Partner Architects)


Administrative Coordinator: Afra Khalifa (Nickl Academy) email: mail@nickl.academy

Academic Coordinator: Alvaro Valera Sosa (TU-Berlin) email: a.valera-sosa@healthcare-tub.com

Course Price: 1500€

*Field trip costs are not included in the course price

For detailed information click here:  Healing Architechture – Summer School Program – Berlin 2017


APPLY HERE and send to: mail@nickl.academy; CC: a.valera-sosa@healthcare-tub.com