European Network Architecture for Health (ENAH)

ENAH is a team of specialists committed to enhance the sustainability of healthcare systems by integrating knowledge from urban planning, architecture, medical technologies, public health and health economics. We evaluate and develop solutions for healthcare policy makers, promoters, managers, providers, consumers and city dwellers that aim for better health and economic outcomes. For ENAH no project is too large or to small, we have proven experience in transdisciplinary research and practice with projects addressing from sustainability issues at the urban city-scale to the healing capacities of inner spaces.

Our strategy is to inform the process of developing salutogenic built environments with evidence of our best practice in health promotion, disease prevention, disease management and clinical care at all levels of intensity.

We wish to recreate the lost continuum between the two well-tested strategies to improve general health conditions: prevention and health promotion on the one hand, and on the other medical intervention in hospitals and psychiatric clinics in case of health crises.